Snow Removal

The Importance of Snow Removal for Businesses and Homeowners Alike

Snow Removal at Superior Sealers, LLCFew people would argue that a blanket of fresh, white snow is not a lovely sight to behold, but when it comes to driving in it, not so appealing. Snow-covered roads, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways can be very hazardous to navigate for homeowners, commuters, and shoppers alike. Snow Removal is a priority, as slipping on ice or snow-covered surfaces is a real danger, causing broken bones, hips, or back injuries. In many states, including Wisconsin, homeowners, property owners, and commercial business owners are held responsible for ensuring that parking lots, driveways, and walkways are cleared of snow or ice.

When snowfall or freezing rain will occur is often unpredictable, which is why a homeowner or business owner should take the opposite approach, and plan ahead for how they are going to handle snow and ice removal. The options are do remove it yourself or hire someone else to remove it. Removing snow and ice is time-consuming and can result in injury, or worse, making the option of hiring a professional more tempting.

Legal requirements aside, it is necessary to provide clear parking lots and entrances for your businesses employees and customers. If employees and customers cannot get into your business it impacts the bottom-line, not to mention having snow and ice removed greatly reduces the risk of a slip and fall, which reduces the risk of legal ramifications. A win-win for everyone.

Snow Removal at Superior Sealers, LLCIn areas that usually experience significant amounts of snowfall, having a plan in place for Parking Lot Snow Removal is highly recommended, as good snow removal companies are in high demand. Experts state that as little as two inches of snow cover make for dangerous driving conditions and in states like Wisconsin, blizzards with large amounts of snow fall are common occurrences, making professional snow removal essential.

Companies providing Snow Removal In Eau Claire, typically offer snow removal services based on “per-push”, hourly, or as a seasonal package. Per-push is just like it sounds. A charge is incurred for each visit to your property. Hourly means you are charged a given rate for each hour spent at your location. That rate may differ depending on the whether a snow shovel is used versus and snowplow. Seasonal contracts are the preferred method as an upfront rate is established and the company removes the snow within a certain time frame. The rate is the same regardless of how many times snow is removed.