The Sealcoating and Repair Process

Sealcoting serves as a barrier coat between destructive elements and asphalt surfaces. The term sealcoating means “keeping the redeeming asphalt properties sealed-in” to preserve functional properties and prolong pavement life.

Sealcoating at Superior Sealers, LLCSealcoats are greatly affected by various weather conditions particularly during construction. Sunny warm day with “low” humidity is the ideal condition, while cool weather causes sealcoat to be tender and delay curing time making vulnerable to damage by “traffic”. In addition, rain also causes major problems when sealcoating, once the “asphalt binder” has not cured it become diluter, and rises above the cover aggregate. Once the water evaporates, asphalt might cover the entire surface causing car tires to pick-up aggregates, or “track binder” across the surface. Never sealcoat if shower is threatening, apart from that, asphalt must be in good condition too.

There are numerous types of asphalt paving materials mixes. The size of aggregate and quality and type of the asphalt cement account for differences. If the aggregate is smaller, finish product becomes weaker. Majority of individuals want smooth-finished surface, this mixture require smaller aggregate. This requires 2 layers of paving material: the 1st layer is slightly thicker, and contains slightly larger rocks; while finish layer is thinner and contain coarse sand and smaller stones. Ensure that “tack coat of asphalt” is utilized between layers, this will act as “glue” to bond layers tightly together. “Tack coat” is no longer needed of 2nd layers is shortly applied after the 1st layer.

When is the best time to Sealcoat and Repair?

  1. If your driveway has areas where pavement is severely broken or rutted, where pavement look similar to a hide of alligator referred to as alligator cracks or alligatoring, this is the best time to consider having it repair or replaced.
  2. When crack fill-over a patch of alligatoring and turn the entire area into continuous sheet of “crack filling rubber”, you need to repair or replace your asphalt. If you fail to address this issue, your vehicle tire might adhere to this “large cracks” and literally pull your pavement out-of-the-driveway.
  3. In addition, driveway which have been over sealed or sealed over the past years can also cause alligatoring effect. You must look closely at the pavement, over sealing alligatoring looks like a crack glazing on pottery, and does not actually crack down into pavement where object such as butter knife can be inserted. Sealing can no longer cure this condition.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Blacktop and Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating at Superior Sealers, LLC Well maintained sealcoat can protect the pavement from the weakening effect of water and sun. Once asphalt pavement becomes highly exposed to the wind, water, and sun it will crack due to inability to flex and bend when exposed to temperature changes and traffic. Well-maintained sealcoat combat this situation just by providing “waterproof membrane” which does not only slow-down oxidation process, but also aid pavement to “shed” water and avoid it from getting into the base materials. Furthermore, sealcoating provide increase surface friction.

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