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[symple_toggle title=”Asphalt Maintenance & Care” state=”closed”] Asphalt Maintenance & Care at Superior Sealers, LLC

Asphalt Maintenance & Care

Keep up on the asphalt maintenance and care of your driveway or parking lot to prolong the life of your asphalt. Contact us for routine maintenance.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Asphalt Patching” state=”closed”] Asphalt Patching Services at Superior Sealers, LLC

Asphalt Patching

Once you have completed the blacktop and asphalt patching process on your driveway or parking lot, keep up on the routine maintenance of it with our help.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Crack Sealing” state=”closed”] Crack Sealing Services at Superior Sealers, LLC

Crack Sealing

Cracks in your asphalt driveways must be repaired immediately to avoid rainwater from causing further damage & seeping through the material.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Hot Pour Crackfiller” state=”closed”] Hot Pour Crackfiller

Hot Pour Crackfiller

If your asphalt shows cracks in straight or zigzag form, Superior Sealers, LLC will fill the asphalt with hot pour crackfiller to repair these cracks.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Line Striping” state=”closed”] Line Striping Services at Superior Sealers, LLC

Line Striping

Line striping is great way to make your parking lot impressive, while directing your customers, employees, & vendors where to go while on your property.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Sealcoating” state=”closed”] Seal Coating Services at Superior Sealers, LLC


The term sealcoating means “keeping the redeeming asphalt properties sealed-in” to preserve functional properties and prolong pavement life.

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[/symple_toggle] [symple_toggle title=”Snow Removal” state=”closed”] Snow Removal Services at Superior Sealers, LLC

Snow Removal

Snow Removal is a priority, as slipping on ice or snow-covered surfaces is a real danger, causing broken bones, hips, or back injuries.

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